SOE SmartsheeT Setup

SOE Smartsheet setup

Welcome to SOE’s Smartsheet Account




  1. You have successfully logged into Smartsheet with your SOE login credentials!
  2. Any access to anywhere that Smartsheet is used by students will be via Single Sign On (SSO). This allows for students to sign into smartsheet using the “sign in with Microsoft option”.
  1. Now that you are signed into Smartsheet, Do not upgrade your free user account in Smartsheet.
  2. Once your free Smartsheet account has been created and you have joined the SOE Account in Smartsheet, you will be able to access PCR Forms and Preceptor Evaluation Forms via the same links you do today at
  3. When accessing the PCR or Preceptor Evaluation Forms and asked to login for access, your SSO will allow you access if you are using your SOE email address and choosing to login with your Microsoft account. This is the same process for most all SOE softwares such as Canvas and mySOE.
  4. You will notice that the PCR has several improvements made so that ease of documentation could be maximized. Most of these improvements on the PCR are direct results of students’ constructive feedback.
  5. If you have issues that are specific to creating your free Smartsheet user account or getting logged into your free Smartsheet user account for the first time, please submit an IT ticket to  Do not contact Smartsheet for customer support. SOE IT Team supports this section of Smartsheet for SOE students.
  6. It is important that you disregard the Smartsheet account upgrade options that you will come across from time to time. You are receiving the full student benefits of Smartsheet with your free user account. No upgrade in account is necessary.